Thursday, April 9, 2009

Update from Serbia

Hey everyone,
I have a chance for a real quick update. While I was in Serbia, on our last day there, a small group of us were walking around after dinner and we came across a really old lady, sitting on a stoop outside of a shop. She looked lonely and we wanted to help in some way so my friend, Meredith thought to buy her some popcorn. So I bought her some popcorn and a bottle of water and sat with her and gave it to her. Her face went from loneliness to sheer joy and she took the popcorn and water from me. I continued to sit with her as her smile had me locked to that stoop beside her. I didn't want to get up - even though i couldn't communicate with her (she spoke NO english) I just sat with her. After some time of her speaking to me and smiling and laughing, I asked if I could take a picture of her by motioning with the camera, she agreed. It was a beautiful moment that I will not soon forget. After we left and continued walking, we had to turn around and go back past her. I waved as we passed and she looked as if she was going to jump out of her seat. Her smile reached across her face and she waved with so much joy and love. Just in that small moment, I saw the Kingdom of God open up and surround this woman. In a moment of belonging, a moment of love and comfort, a moment of sharing with her by simply sitting with her so she wouldn't sit alone, I saw the Kingdom of God move. It was beautiful. She was beautiful. There is one of the photos of her in this email.

After Serbia, we left for Kosovo. Kosovo was awesome. The people there are amazing and are very welcoming. They also love American's which was different from many of the other countries so far, so that made it even nicer. We made a lot of friends during our few days in Kosovo and we all hope to go back again and see them.

We are currently in Macedonia but are leaving shortly for Albania. I spent most of my time talking about the Serbian Grandmother. Please continue praying for all of us and also for the Russia and Morocco teams. God is doing amazing things over here and in those places as well and we're very excited for what he has in store. I'm not sure when I'll be online next but I'll try to keep you all updated again as soon as I can and send some more pictures. May the Lord bless all of you. Thank you for your support.


Thursday, April 9th - Tirana, Albania
Friday, April 10th - Dubrovnik, Croatia
Saturday, April 11th - Dubrovnik
Sunday, April 12th - Sarajevo, Bosnia (till May 7th)

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