Sunday, April 25, 2010

On The Move Again (And Could Use Your Help) / Summary of "Portland or Bust"

While some of you will possibly read all of "Portland or Bust," I know there are others who don't have the time or don't want to read that much. So I'll get to the point in this one, I got asked to join the organization, These Numbers Have Faces. These Numbers Have Faces focuses on work in South Africa, please check out their website and see some of the amazing work they're doing.

While I'm excited about heading out to Portland to work with them, I have to ask for help from my friends and family. The position, like many with non-profits and like my time with YWAM, is unpaid. I like trying to be self-sustaining and don't find it easy to ask for help, but in this situation, I need to let go of my pride and simply come to any of you who read this and ask for some help during my time out there. My initial stay will be 5 months (May - September) but could increase. I hope to find some work that pays so I can pay for my own expenses, but will need some help until then. If you would be willing to donate to my work with These Numbers Have Faces, please email me at I can give you information about making tax-deductible donations.

I will also be looking for prayer. It always helps to know people are supporting you and thinking about you. It's very encouraging and means a lot to me, to know people are willing to take time out of their day to ask God to guide me in my work.

The best ways to keep in touch with me will be through Facebook, email and this blog. I hope to update it more often. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. Thank you all.

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